Moldova Pavilion at Expo 2015 Milan


World Expo 2015 is held in Milan, Italy, between May 1 and October 31 with “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” as its main theme. It aims to address issues related to the future of the planet as well as to the continued excessive population growth and respectively, to the increasing food and energy needs.


Being inspired by tradition and folklore, we find energy for life and combine it with innovation, in order to feed the planet. The visual identity of the pavilion is a perfect illustration of the concept. Moldova shares with the world its little treasures by its light, energy, dance and all the best things it has. We share small bits of our country with the whole world, hoping to cultivate curiosity, interest and sympathy in the hearts of the 20 million visitors to attend the exhibition.
The entire construction is the result of the collaboration between “Gorgona” Architecture & Design and visual artist Pavel Braila. Moldova’s pavilion represents a facility that combines a triad of elements:

  1. The movie “JOC. The energy of life” movie
  2. The installation “Moldova Celeste”
  3. The installation “Solar flower”


The National Academic Ensemble of Folk Dance “JOC” is one of the most valuable contemporary and, at the same time, traditional indigenous cultural values. It was founded in 1945 and since 1958 is led by Vladimir Curbet, thanks to whom the company continues to exist so far and is recognized all over the world. During the USSR times, the company held over 7000 concerts, which was and still is highly appreciated in the former Soviet Union, former socialist countries and beyond. „JOC” was appreciated by the international press as well; it participated in various festivals and received many awards and honourable mentions.


These constellations are not known to the world and can be seen only in Moldova, namely the Bride, Plowman, the Grape, the Cheese, the Stork and other constellations. The first people to sail the oceans watched the stars to find their way and to discover new lands. Here the stars will guide the visitors to discover the country that some of them never heard of.
“Moldova Celeste” is a work that has already been exposed within various international exhibitions: Andreiana Mihail Gallery (Bucharest, Romania, 2012), Biennalla Cesis (Latvia), Summertime readings CAC (Vilnius, Latvia, 2013), Museum of Modern Art (Moscow, Russia), Jan Dhase Gallery (Gent, Belgium, 2014).


A rotating triple mirror cube (Solar Flower), which is illuminated by the sun through the four mirrors on the roof, is mounted above the pavilion. The mirrors represent a system that follows the sun movement throughout the day and reflects the sunlight towards the Solar Flower. Thus, the entire surface of the pavilion, both inside and outside, is washed in a solar “rain”. This magical effect can be observed throughout the whole day.
Due to the transparent glass, the sunrays are reflected and refracted all over the pavilion. The sunbeams will be reflected over the entire surrounding area (buildings, terraces, pedestrian streets and neighbouring pavilions) tempting all the visitors around to enter Moldova’s pavilion.

he building transparency and the extraordinary solar effect, obtained for free from the largest and the most generous source of energy on the planet, will convey to the public the idea of accessibility, honesty and openness. At the same time, the whole concept reminds us once more that it’s time to rethink the way we use conventional energy and focus our attention on the pure energy.