Birmingham Centenary Square Design Competition

Client: Municipality of Birmingham

Scope of service: Square design

Location: Birmingham, GB

GFA: 5000m2

Year: 2014

Approach to the project

Birmingham Centenary Square is to pass through a transformation that will engage connectivity through gathering and then dispersing the people into different activity groups. A place where people may pass from sorrow while at the Hall of Memory, through retreat while at the Library of Birmingham till revival while near Repertory Theatre. A place for everyone, no matter of age, culture or origin, each will find himself a place. The Centenary Square is to become an important route for cyclists, runners and passengers while at the same time an isle to stop and relax. The square is to “zip” the surrounding buildings, open spaces and pedestrian routes into a new pleasant ambience. The new created amphitheaters are to enlarge the square seating capacity, while at the same time be a wind and noise barrier from public transportation and a shelter for shopping areas underneath. The existing “carpet” of bricks is to be mixed with the new one, though enhancing the square transformation while retaining some of the historic pavement. Moreover most of the existing statues and seating areas are to be retained and incorporated within the design that is to flourish and make from Centenary Square a world class attraction.

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