Cathedral Square / Stefan the Great Public Garden

Client: DAS/Municipality

Scope of service: Competition

Location: Chisinau, Moldova

GFA: 15000m2

Year: 2021

Approach to the project

Cathedral Square Key elements The observation wheel of Chisinau has a diameter of 90m and will provide the highest point of view of the city. The wheel aims to become the most popular attraction for both residents of the capital and tourists. In order not to obstruct the view of the Cathedral, the Wheel should be without a central rotating hub (hubless wheel). The advantages of using such a wheel are that the rotating inertia of the wheel is reduced, because the spokes and the hub are removed and more space is created in the center. The central amphitheater is located in the northeastern part of the Cathedral at the base of the Observation Wheel and completes the pedestrian alley in Eugen Doga Street. Here the inhabitants of the city will be able to enjoy pop music, classical, opera, film and outdoor performances. The parish house will be intended for priests, auxiliary staff and parishioners for worship needs. According to the Metropolitan Church, a parish house existed behind the Cathedral until 1969, when the Chisinau authorities at the time decided to demolish it and place the first thermal point of the capital's central heating network. The construction of the parish house is a necessity for the religious institution, because at present the Cathedral does not have auxiliary spaces. The parish house will have only one level partially embedded in the ground so as not to close the view of the Cathedral. Waves of flowers. The flower stalls are to correspond to a new concept of modernization of the green area. The booths can no longer be called "booths" because they will become part of the landscaping and the relief of the park, a new emblematic attraction. Stefen the Great Public Garden Key elements The central pedestrian walkway will connect the Stefan cel Mare Public Garden with the Cathedral Square, but also the adjacent streets. To facilitate pedestrian mobility, it will provide elevators and escalators. Like the Observation Wheel, the Catwalk will become a point of attraction and a place to view the area. Art exhibitions will be organized inside the catwalk. The new Guguta cafe. Guguta Cafe, once popular, has become a ruin. The new owners want a multi-storey building, which has inspired protests among young people. The new cafe must become a center of attraction and a symbol of change due to the implementation of an innovative design and the concept of green architecture, an approach to design and construction that increases energy efficiency and minimizes harmful effects on human health and reduces the ecological footprint of the building. Adjacent to the empematic building will be arranged an outdoor community space and summer terraces. Central rink. Every capital needs a central ice rink. The place chosen for it is instead of a former non-functional fountain inside the park located opposite the building of the former Codru Hotel. The skating rink will have access and public parking from 31 August Street and will be a safer place, away from the highways of urban interest. During the summer, the space dedicated to the skating rink can be used for themed fairs. Alley of classics - remake. The alley was built and named in 1958 and has become one of the most important tourist attractions in Chisinau. At first there were only twelve sculptures, but after the collapse of the Soviet Union, local authorities added busts of Romanian and Moldovan writers and poets that were banned during the Soviet regime. The problem with the busts added later is the scale, the technique and the manner which differs considerably from the original sculptures, executed in a similar manner. Thus, we proposed a reinterpretation of the sculptural complex created after independence, in order to create an open-air museum, which would offer more individuality to the sculptures and highlight their diversity.

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