Genoa Blueprint Competition

Client: Municipality of Genoa

Scope of service: Idea Competition

Location: Genoa, Italy

GFA: 40000m2

Year: 2017

Approach to the project

Lives improved – is the next measure of success. Can living in a “box” or a “bubble” be improved? Can we design a place that will gather all kind of people and where all will feel good? These are the kind of questions to ask as there is a big urge to improve the society by refining the places we live in. We imagined a model place where energy is based on renewables and connectivity is at its best. We imagined a place where the latest building technology is showcased through simple yet innovative structures. We imagined a place where sport, art and science can interrelate and inspire. It is the harbour location that inspired us to change the static quality of the banal urbanity. It is the ever changing waves of the sea and the spawned bubbles that motivated the creation of building C on the new created island and it is the sea cargo shipping containers that inspired the docked yet vibrant building A near the shore. We envisioned vertical homes not apartments, a resort rather than a hotel, remote office spaces and mobile commercial and artisanal activities. The challenge is not only filling the urban voids, but rather creating vibrant colorful shared spaces.

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