International Competition for Architectural Concepts for Standard Housing

Client: АО ДОМ.РФ

Scope of service: Open International Architectural Competition

Location: Russia

GFA: 25-110m2

Year: 2018

Approach to the project

A residential quarter determines the quality of life of its residents, therefore, starting work on the project was set by the group of architects the following tasks: to provide residents with comfort, to get away from monotonous and monotonous building, use modern construction materials, as well as create a harmonious color environment. The main building blocks are three types of residential buildings. Gallery and sectional houses located along the perimeter roads, emphasize the strict geometry of the streets. Point houses located within the block at an angle to the main front buildings, on the contrary, are designed to emphasize the free layout and serve as a kind of accent, standing out favorably in color and height. The use of different angles, the rotation of volumes is a principle, inherent in the solution of facades, helping to get away from monotony large buildings in length without affecting the basic building layout. Another technique used to diversify the living environment is the difference between street and courtyard facades. Street facade more traditional in decoration, to facilitate its connection with the existing development of the city. In the courtyard, more wooden elements to create a warm, cozy, homely atmosphere. In order to "cheer up" the sleeping area, revive the look buildings, it was decided to add sunny yellow to the color scheme. On the first floors of buildings located along the perimeter of the block, socially significant zones and commercial space. In the first level of one of the gallery houses there is a kindergarten with a play area. Buildings 12 meters wide, which provides them with sufficient sunlight and through ventilation. Inside the dwellings, all walls are not load-bearing, therefore the owners can change the layout to their liking. Roofs of houses operated - in their space there are recreation areas with landscaping. The frame of the buildings is made of monolithic reinforced concrete. Filling can be different from lightweight foam blocks to ready-made wall panels, depending on the appropriateness in each specific region.

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