Day: 28/04/2022

Type of publication: #ReCreateUkraine

We are pretty sure that the whole Ukraine is going to be rebuilt after the end of this terrible war. 🇺🇦 The whole world is with #Ukraine.
As architects we are responsible for designing peace! This is what our #recreation looks like in the vision of Gorgona's Team.

Apartment building, Kharkiv

In order to correctly carry out a reconstruction project, a very thorough examination of the technical condition of the building and engineering systems is necessary. For each building reconstruction project, individual approaches should be used in solving the problems of strengthening them and developing new design solutions. However, for this particular proposal, the idea is turn bad into good, like the crater from the bomb being transformed into a playground while ruined balconies - into future small terraces.

Apartment building, Kharkiv

In the process of reconstruction, it is necessary to restore operational performance and strengthen the load-bearing elements of the building, as well as improve the standard of living of residents by increasing the area of apartments with a Soviet layout. In each case, an individual approach is needed, while also fostering creativity and diversity.

Neighborhood, Mariupol

Reconstruction of residential neighborhoods should be comprehensive, taking into account the requirements for the long-term development of the entire city or quarter. The apartment buildings of the past, which used to perform their functions successfully, are no longer feasible and require careful optimization. It is necessary to make changes both to the internal and external appearance of the buildings and neighborhoods so that they meet the modern requirements of technical and functional operation.

Irpin bridge

Some places, like the bridge in Irpin, will have to share the memory of the war. A monument for the people that died and lived through those tragic moments. A monument inspired from the Founders Monument in Kiev, but that uses the boat as a symbol for the revival of the nature and people, showing that no matter what happens, both people and nature will find their way to survive and flourish. Thus, between the two bridges, a symbol of hope, an oasis for life will emerge

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