Client: Public Property Agency

Scope of service: Reconstruction of the building


GFA: 5500 m.p.

Year: -

Approach to the project

The existing building was built in the late 70's. The construction is a structure made of reinforced concrete elements with prefabricated panels and degraded wooden windows. The reconstruction of the façade ensures the improvement of energy efficiency by using a ventilated facade with a clinker finish without putty, durable and resistant, and the curtain walls with safety glass and aluminum structure ensure a high level of insulation. The reconstructed and re-planned building will serve as a location for the relocation of the staff of the Public Property Agency as well as of other public institutions in a modern office space. This reconstruction also includes the current redevelopment of the related land, including the inner courtyard for the organization of car parks in the inner space of the courtyard.

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