Client: Centre Unificate de Prestare a Serviciilor (CUPS)

Scope of service: Architecture


GFA: --

Year: 2017

Approach to the project

Unified Service Centers (CUPS) In order to bring government services closer to the citizens, through the project "Modernization of government services", implemented by the e-Government and with the financial support of the World Bank, Unified Service Centers will be established at the level of 17 local public authorities . These CUPSs will operate in the spaces offered by the mayors, which will be renovated and arranged accordingly, in order to provide optimal conditions for the population in the process of accessing the selected public services. The design concept of the offices is inspired by the CUPS branding, with default colors in the logo and will provide a uniform look of all CUPS locations. The design idea is to guide stakeholders from the outside to the inside of the CUPS areas which is a continuous attractive environment, in which is clearly presented the space for the specialist who will work in this CUPS, the applicant's space that can be addressed after a consultation or access a service and waiting space for other applicants or their companions.

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