Guggenheim Helsinki Museum Design Competition

Client: Guggenheim Foundation

Scope of service: Design Competition

Location: Helsinki, Finland

GFA: 15000m2

Year: 2014

Approach to the project

Guggenheim museums raised a high standard for the museum world. The challenge is to create a distinct museum, one worthy of Guggenheim name and a prominent symbol of Helsinki. Starting from the meaning of the word – “museum- an institution … for public viewing through exhibits…”, it became obvious that “viewing” is a crucial word for any museum. Yet Guggenheim Helsinki is to have a different approach from an ordinary viewing experience. Inspired from the cityscape of Helsinki, the idea is in creating a new mix of a museum building resembling the waves of the see scaled to a cruise ship, combined with an observatory wheel to create a new viewing experience for both museum interior and exterior exhibits, and undoubtedly the city itself. The museum building will not only drive the visitors to its exhibits in new way but will also become a multipurpose center, a landmark for event celebration

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